Aztec Warfare

War and Conquest in Aztec Controlled Mexico: an Examination of Sources and Research

An exploration of war, conquest, flower wars, historical documentation from the late Aztec period, and contemporary research efforts.


Page from the Codex Mendoza depicting the conquests of Emperor Ahuitzotl.



Aztec and Spanish Military Comparison

 A comparative analysis of Aztec and Spanish military development during the conquest of Mexico.

Aztec Assault of Spanish Fortifications (more…)

Battle – 2600 Aztec Soldiers vs. 1300 Spanish Conquistadors

Video depicting a battle between 2600 Aztec soldiers and 1300 Spanish conquistadors. This is from the video game Medieval 2: Total War Americas,which allows players to create their own battles fought between a number of different militaries, including the Aztecs, Mayans, Chichimecs, Tarascans, Spanish, English, Apache, etc.


The Theory of Imperial Expansion

Although there is a great deal of variance on how civilizations choose to conquer and expand, some rules can be applied universally.


Graph illustrating the basic concepts of diminishing returns. This theory can be applied to the study of imperial expansion and decline. Source is