Battle – 2600 Aztec Soldiers vs. 1300 Spanish Conquistadors

Video depicting a battle between 2600 Aztec soldiers and 1300 Spanish conquistadors. This is from the video game Medieval 2: Total War Americas,which allows players to create their own battles fought between a number of different militaries, including the Aztecs, Mayans, Chichimecs, Tarascans, Spanish, English, Apache, etc.

The Spanish conquistadors utilized dragoon horsemen, cannons, arquebusiers, heavy infantry, pikemen, and heavy and light cavalry in this battle. The Spanish hold a significant technological advantage over the Aztec army, which allows them to operate more dynamically on the battlefield and utilize more complex battle tactics. Despite this, the Aztec army is significantly larger and composed of well trained, zealous, veteran men-at-arms. Their army is composed of elite warriors with broadswords and battle shields, a large contingent of archers, atlatlists, and spearmen who are stationed on the flanks to ward off Spanish cavalry.


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