The Club

The club was a rudimentary military tool utilized by Aztec soldiers.


Reconstruction of a war club. Not necessarily a representation of an Aztec club, but probably very close. Source:

The club was an extremely simple tool of war that was used by nearly every culture across the planet. Without blades, there was no risk of improper edge alignment during a swing. In addition, a club can intercept an enemy swing without risk of breakage, whereas the Macuahuitl might risk breaking its fragile blades. As such, this tool could have easily been utilized by commoner auxiliaries.

The nature of the tool as a “crusher” limits its lethality in combat. Arms and legs could be broken and the torso might potentially be targeted, but the head was the most viable target for a weapon which had no cutting or stabbing capability. The predominance of wooden helmets among the elite made them less susceptible to these attacks, but a well placed blow could still inflict enough damage to at least temporarily incapacitate them.


Depiction from the Codex Duran.

The club could have potentially been utilized by elite soldiers. Although it is relatively simple to use, any amount of finesse would have improved its effectiveness in battle. However, both the effectiveness and the learning curve for weapons such as the Macuahuitl was higher, making it more attractive for skilled soldiers and seldom used by commoners.


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