Aztec Battle with Chichimeca Army (Video)

I made this video rather quickly. This is from the video game Medieval 2: Total War Americas.

The game is pretty old at this point, but I feel it still somewhat conveys how warfare MAY have looked. Soldiers’ uniforms and weapons and the unit formations shown in this video are based on Spanish accounts, recovered codexes, and the work of military historians like Ross Hassig (I mention his name quite frequently).

If I were playing the game for fun, I would never set my units up in this way because it is quite inefficient, but this game does not include details such as unit rotation, wounded soldiers, individual soldiers running or panicking, etc. so it only barely represents real world battle scenarios.

As a side note, there is no evidence to suggest that Atlatl wielding soldiers (Atlatlists) were organized into separate units during Aztec times. They are shown in the video as the red soldiers on the right flank of the formation. The bow was, in many respects, better in terms of organizing missile units, making large groups of “Atlatlists” obsolete. Atlatls would have been used by professional, veteran soldiers and perhaps even the elite Cuachicqueh. The accuracy of this game is commendable, but not perfect.

In any case, I hoped that this might assist in visualizing combat on a larger scale. Enjoy!


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